Our Consulate in Paraguay

The Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires is accredited with the Government of Paraguay and has an Honorary Consulate in Asunción, Paraguay.

Canadian Honorary Consulate
Profesor Ramírez No. 3 (c/Juan de Salazar)
Tel: (595-21)227-207
Fax: (595-21)227-208
E-mail: honconpy@tigo.com.py

Honorary Consul: Juan Speratti Riso

Business hours:
Monday to Thursday: 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
Fridays: 08:00 a.m.- 12:00 pm

Emergencies outside office hours (Canadian citizens only):

The Emergency Operations Centre of Foreign Affairs and International Trade operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An experienced officer is always available to respond to emergency calls.

If you are a Canadian citizen in need of emergency assistance, please call collect our Operations Centre in Ottawa at 1-(613) 996-8885 / (613) 944-1310 (TTY).

Contact the Consular Section in Buenos Aires

Visas for Paraguay:

Canadian citizens need a visa to enter Paraguay, regardless of the purpose of their trip. For more information, please contact the Embassy of Paraguay in Ottawa


Please download the application form and complete it following the instructions attached to it (PPT040, PPT042).

Photos: Photo instructions are attached to the form for your information. We recommend that you print instructions in Spanish for the photographer. It is your responsibility to check that the photos comply with the specifications.

Processing: Once submitted at the Consulate, the applications and documents are forwarded to the Embassy in Buenos Aires on a weekly basis. Processing time is approximately 15 working days (excluding shipment)

Fees: all fees are to be paid by certified cheque to the "Receiver General for Canada":


Children born abroad to a Canadian mother / father

If you are a Canadian citizen and would like to apply for a certificate of Canadian citizenship for your child born abroad, please download the application form.

The application must be supported by the following documents:

  1. The child's original birth certificate + a translation into English or French by a sworn translator.
  2. The mother's and/or father's original proof of Canadian citizenship (Canadian birth certificate or citizenship card). The father or mother must have been Canadian at the time of the child's birth.
  3. Child's valid id
  4. Citizenship photos. Photos instructions are attached to the form. Click here for photo instructions in Spanish. It is your responsibility to check that the photos comply with the specifications. Please note that specifications differ from those of passport photos.
  5. Fee: CAD$ 75* All fees are to be paid by certified cheque made to the "Receiver General for Canada":

Processing time: from 6 months to a year.

For additional information on citizenship, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Other consular information and services:

  1. Registration of Canadians Abroad
  2. Voting while Abroad
  3. Customs