Entry / Exit Requirements - Argentina

Canadians traveling on regular passports do not require a visa to enter Argentina if the purpose of their trip is tourism and their stay does not exceed three months.

Reciprocity Fee

Canadian tourists must pay a US$78 reciprocity fee online prior to their arrival in Argentina. The fee is payable on the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones website. A printed receipt must be shown to your airline company upon check-in and submitted to immigration authorities upon arrival. Failure to pay this fee in advance may result in refusal of boarding or entry to Argentina and a possible return to your port of origin. The fee is valid for multiple entries until one month prior to the expiry of your passport. Make sure you keep more than one copy of the receipt for your entries.

Those entering Argentina on a Canadian passport with a valid visa, such as a business, student, or residency visa, do not have to pay the reciprocity fee. Dual nationals are exempt, even when entering on a Canadian passport.

For information on business, student, immigrant or other visas, please contact one the following:

Dual Nationals

Canadian-Argentine dual nationals may enter and leave Argentina on their Canadian passport only if their stay does not exceed 180 days. Once this period has elapsed, Argentine citizens must leave on a valid Argentine passport.

Airlines may not allow Canadian-Argentine dual nationals travelling on an Argentine passport plus a Canadian citizenship card to board flights bound for Canada. Please note that a Canadian passport is the only reliable and universally acceptable document that proves your right to return to Canada.

In many cases, this means that dual nationals will need to show both their Argentine passport (where the Argentine exit stamp will be placed) and their Canadian passport (proof of their right to enter Canada) when exiting Argentina. Canadian visas are not meant to be issued to Canadian citizens on a foreign passport for entry into Canada.

Exit requirements for minors (under 18)

Argentine-Canadian minors and Canadian minors having resident status in Argentina are subject to local regulations when leaving Argentina.

Immigration to Argentina

As stated above, the Embassy does not provide information on immigration to Argentina. However, as a general rule, documents which are usually required are the following:

  • Canadian birth certificate (long form)
  • RCMP Certificate of no Police Record
  • Valid Canadian Passport

Please contact the Embassy for information on how to apply for the above documents. Please note that all documents issued in Canada must bear the legalization of the Argentine Consulates in Toronto or Montreal and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Buenos Aires.

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