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Hands on District Heating Workshop 2011

In Austria Feb. 21st – Mar. 4th

Introduction: The annual unused biomass in Canada has an astronomic heating value and if only a very small portion is used, it would create far more than 100 000 jobs.

In Austria a country with 8 mill inhabitants and 84 000 sq km the thermal biomass use creates 33 000 jobs

Developments: In a recent Austrian Biomass district heating mission to BC a strong interest was shown by municipalities, school- and hospital- boards to make use of biomass to cut costs and create jobs in the area.

Objectives: This 10 day workshop will cover the theory on a wide range of aspects related to district heating’s and will enable participants to put hands on boilers and heating systems to see the effect of adjustments and problems.  It will offer a fair number of site visits with the opportunity to discuss the economics and why the projects where done in this particular way. The workshop should enable participants to consider all issues related to a biomass district heating projects, evaluate them, collect all the necessary data, and do a rough calculation of the project.

It will bring participants in touch with experienced contacts that could advise them when being back home in Canada and will also get them in touch with organisations financing such projects.

The workshop will enable participants to gain from the experience made in Europe and help to avoid making mistakes.

Preparation: Participants should prepare material for at least one possible project in their area. The Embassy in Vienna will supply them with basic information for a proper preparation and start a dialog to assist with the preparation. During the workshop there will be the possibility to discuss the projects individually. 

Sunday Feb. 20th

Contact: Mr.Roland Rossi

Canadian Embassy 

+43 1 53138 3353


Meet at your Hotel in Vienna

Introduction to the program

Drive to Graz Hotel



Monday Feb. 21st

Contact: Mr. Hubert Steiner

Landes Energie Verein Steiermark (Provincial Energy Association Styria)

+43 316 877 5825




Welcome, introduction by Mr. Jilek (LEV - Landes Energieverein Steiermark –(Provincial Energy Association Styria)




Presentation of LEV, Quality Management Programme “qm heizwerke”




Training Part 1




  • BIOS Energy Systems
  • Biomass fired heating systems
  • Principles of district heating vs. decentralized heating
  • Feasibility studies
    • structure and tasks of feasibility studies






Training Part 2




  • Parameters for system optimization:
    • heat demand inquiry- fuel considerations (quality, price calculations, logistics)- district heating network
    • heating plant
    • side constraints for CHP plants
    • CHP technologies
    • heat recovery, flue gas cleaning
    • cost effectiveness calculations and sensitivity
    • emission estimate
    • guiding values


Tuesday Feb. 22nd




Wood chip logistics /contracting / excursion 


Wednesday Feb. 23rd




Training Part 3 


  • Engineering, tendering:
    • procedure of detailed engineering
    • procedure of tendering and selection of suppliers (contracting)
  • Plant construction:
    • procedure of plant erection
    • System components





Training Part 4



  • Design faults
    • possible design short commings, weak points and impacts on investment and operating costs
  • Commissioning
    • start-up and commissioning - important steps
    • phase of operation (before and after end or warranty)
  • Summary

Thursday Feb 24th




Visit boiler manufacturer BINDER (Hands on training, company presentation)






Excursion to Biomass plants


Friday Feb. 25th




Visit boiler manufacturer KWB (Hands on training, company presentation) 






Excursion to Biomass Logistic Center Hartberg



Mr. Lamers (Ministry of Environment) Biomass stategy (Mr. Schmid Österreichische Energieagentur - Austrian Energy Agency)


Saturday Feb. 26th


Optional site-visits / Graz Sightseeing 

Travel to Vienna – Hotel Check-in 

Waste incineration and district heating Spittelau in Vienna 


St. Margarethen am Moos site visit: agricultural waste & biomass gasification with combined power plant and district heating system 

Energie Park Bruck an der Leitha, Polytechnik 


Sunday Feb. 27th 




Vienna – sightseeing / Optional visit at Blaue Lagune (prefabricated housing centre with over a hundred houses and energy-saving advice centre) 

Monday Feb. 28th 

Contact: Mr. Roland Kautz 

+43 2231 600 5580



Österreichische Bundesforste ÖBf “Austrian Federal Forests” (owned by the Federal Government but operating like a private company) are Austria’s larges forest owner. They are profitable, offer consulting work, supply wood biomass, and have a close relation to district heating operators. 




  • Introduction to the Austrian Federal Forest Organisation
  • The European policy framework of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Austrian concept of Natural Resource Management
  • Strategies and structural development of ÖBf
  • Implication for a forest management organisation
  • Show case: The supply chain concept and related activities of ÖBf
  • Economic and logistic drivers and criteria
  • Market development, value chain, biomass price calculation,
    wood chip logistics from forest to energy and power.






study biomass logistics at 66 MW biomass plant in Vienna 




2nd  plant visit 




Drive to St Pölten Hotel 



Tuesday Feb. 29th 

Contact: Mr.Christian Mayerhofer 


+43 2742 352234 




AGRAR PLUS – is an organisation of the Province of Lower Austria assisting municipalities in proper biomass use. They are interested to help municipalities to become energy self sufficient, using local resources and skills and to obtain a high degree of independence in operating such plants. Lower Austria has now more than 500 district heating systems in operation. 




  • Evaluation of ideas and projects for renewable energy
  • Calculate projects economics
  • Support the selling of energy
  • support the project implementation
  • Advise/assist on financing
  • Assist with support programs
  • Offer operator models
  • In case a municipality or an operator does not want to form his own company the province provides a legal company one could use.



Wednesday Mar. 1st 

Contact: Mr. Rene Kausl 


+43 2713 8424 




Kausl Energie Systeme - a small company and operator/part owner of a dozen district heating systems. Mr. Kausl has been participating at the CanBio 2010 Mission in BC. 




  • They develop the project
  • They negotiate contracts with district heating participants,
  • Organize the financing
  • Supply woodchips,
  • Operate systems,
  • Monitor /control, take care of the operation of the systems.
  •  Operate back up units in case of failures




RZ Pellet plant - CHP and district heating site-visit 




Drive to Wels – Hotel Check-in 



Thursday Mar. 2nd 





WSED - World Sustainable Energy Days congress and Energy Fair with almost one thousand exhibitors in Wels 




Canada reception 



Friday Mar. 3rd 





WSED congress and Energy Fair in Wels 




District heating systems; combined biomass and solar/thermal; modern Photovoltaic systems for sophisticated thermal and electrical applications, thermal use of waste (gasification) etc.

Please let us know your specific interests.

We might have to do minor adjustments to the program but the basic content will be unchanged.



Roland Rossi 


Trade Commissionner Service| Service des délégués commerciaux 


Tel: +43-1-531-38-3383


Laurenzerberg 2


1010 Vienna, Austria



Main partners:

Austrian Ministry of the Environment 




LandesEnergieVerein Steiermark




Hubert Steiner 


Burggasse 9/II 


A-8010 Graz - Austria 


Phone: +43 316 877 3389 
















Agrar Plus 





Fair/Congress organizer: Energiemesse Wels & WSED


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