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150th anniversary of Canada

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2017 marks a significant moment in the History of Canada. 150 years ago, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia united to create the Canadian Confederation, called the Dominion of Canada. On account of the British North America Act that became law on July 1st 1867, these British colonies would be recognized as an independent nation. In the years that followed, the other provinces and territories joined the Dominion, making today’s Canada "a mari usque ad mare" ("from sea to sea").

The 150th anniversary of Confederation gives us the opportunity to celebrate together our shared values and our country’s place in the world. The major themes of the 150th anniversary of Confederation are diversity and inclusion, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, environment and youth.

The Battle of Passchendaele (Belgium), whose 100th anniversary we will commemorate on November 10, 2017, is an important part of our Canadian history. There is even a strong case for saying that, while Canada became a nation at Vimy in April 1917, it sealed its statehood at Passchendaele six months later.

The First World War changed Canada forever. The country emerged battered and scarred, but with a new sense of identity and nationhood. The nearly 16,000 casualties at Passchendaele, suffered over several weeks of intense fighting in dreadful circumstances, entrenched the Canadian corps’ reputation as an elite and highly respected fighting force, second to none among the Commonwealth armies.

Although Canada entered the war in 1914 as a self-governing dominion, its accomplishments on battlefields such as Ypres, Vimy and Passchendaele contributed - both at home and abroad – to respect for and recognition of Canada for its commitment and leadership. This new reputation earned Canada the right to affix its own signature on the Treaty of Versailles and to become a founding member of the League of Nations, the precurson or the UN. National status had been achieved.

Canadians and Europeans share the same fundamental values at a time when our societies face the same challenges: this is more than ever the moment for reflection, for openness and for dialogue.

Memorable events will be held throughout the year in Canada and throughout the world. Come join us in our celebration of Canada!

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Twitter: @canada150th

The History of the birth of the Canadian confederation

Key Canada150 events in Belgium and Luxembourg

Some of the Canada150 events in Belgium and Luxembourg (more to be announced throughout the year!) :

  • 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele in Zonnebeke, Flanders on November 10, 2017
  • Canada Day

Feel free to follow us on Twitter for the latest news on the Canada150-related events in Belgium and Luxembourg.


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