Defence Relations

The Canadian defence relations section at the Embassy of Canada in Chile promotes bonds and friendship between Canadian and Chilean Defence institutions. Defence activities with Chile have increased substantially over the past several years and an in-country Canadian Defence Attaché presence, since July 2011, has given a new impetus to Canadian defence relations with Chile.

Examples of defence cooperation between Canada and Chile include:

  • Military Training and Cooperation Program - one of Canada’s primary tools of military diplomacy, this program provides English/French language, staff/professional development, and peace support operations training to approximately 1,200 military personnel from more than 62 member states annually. Chile has been a member of the program since 1998; Chile’s participation in this program is on-going and reflects our strong defence ties. For more information on the MTCP: Directorate Military Training & Cooperation
  • Chile’s Joint Centre for Peacekeeping Operations - opened in 2002, CECOPAC frequently uses Canadian peacekeeping experiences as educational examples and occasionally incorporates a Canadian Armed Forces member as an instructor. 
  • Naval Cooperation and Exchanges – The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and the Chilean Navy maintain a robust connection through high-level talks, combined training exercises, and unique exchanges. Since 2011 the Chilean Navy has embarked junior naval officers from Canada onboard their ships as part of the RCN’s REGULUS Programme. Thus far dozens of RCN officers have experienced the thrill of navigating in Chilean and Antarctic waters, managing the bridge of a Chilean ship, and learning Spanish in an operational environment. Canada also sends a team of technicians and operators each year to the Chilean Navy’s Polytechnic School to provide instruction on high-tech naval systems as part of the CANCHIL Training Exchange. 
  • Army Cooperation – While having worked together on a number of combined operations and training experiences, the two Armies are in formal discussions to lay the groundwork for future cooperation in the areas of education, training, and exchanges. 
  • Defence Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding - The Defence Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) provides strategic direction to our growing defence relationship by outlining a series of areas for potential cooperation.
  • Air Force Cooperation and Exchanges - since 2008, the Royal Canadian Air Force and Chilean Air Force have cooperated in areas of training and exchanges, such as; search and rescue, Twin Otter and CF 18/F-16 pilot exchanges.In May 2012, for the first time in the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force, F-18 jets flew south of the Equator to conduct a familiarization exercise in Iquique with Chilean F-16 pilots
  • Defence Policy Talks - held for the first time in April, 2012, these talks were instrumental in development of a Memorandum of Understanding on Defence Cooperation that was endorsed in 2012 between the two governments.

Under this new Defence Cooperation MOU, Canada and Chile agree to promote cooperation in the following fields:

  • defence  and security policies;
  • defence research & development;
  • defence logistics and procurement;
  • peace and humanitarian operations;
  • armed forces and civilian human resources organization;
  • military education and training; and
  • any other activities as may be mutually agreed.

Under this framework, there is an intention to further institutionalize defence cooperation with the establishment of several bilateral working groups; procurement, operations, technical, Service-to-Service talks etc. all led by an Executive Defence Policy Steering Group.

We encourage you to visit the suggested websites below to learn more about the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces or simply contact us directly if you require more information on the vibrant Canada-Chile Defence relationship.

ADM POL:Assistant Deputy Minister (POLICY)

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Canadian Defence Attaché: Captain (N) Martin Teft

June 2015