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Governance and Values

As one of the five pillars of bilateral strategic cooperation, governance, including rule of law and human rights, is at the forefront of Canada’s engagement in China.

Through a variety of initiatives, projects and events, the network of Canadian missions in China supports cooperation and engagement on the development of the rule of law, implementation of international human rights instruments, anti-corruption measures and policies, and other aspects of good governance.

The promotion and protection of human rights is an integral part of Canadian efforts abroad.  As part of this commitment, Canada champions the values of:

  • inclusive and accountable governance
  • peaceful pluralism and respect for diversity
  • human rights including the rights of women and refugees

More information on Canada’s international activities on human rights.

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives provides small grants for projects across China that address environmental sustainability, good governance, civil society development and rights protection for disadvantaged groups.



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