Canadian Maple Syrup funds projects for Disadvantaged Children around the World

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The Permanent Mission of Canada to Geneva participated in the United Nations Women’s Guild annual charity bazaar, where the proceeds of the sale of maple syrup products went directly to benefit disadvantaged children around the world.

The annual United Nations International Bazaar and Lottery attracts thousands of visitors each year. The countries of the United Nations come together at the bazaar to celebrate cultural diversity through the sale of national foods and crafts. It’s a sensory and culinary delight – and it’s all for a good cause.

Sharing the sweetness of maple products at the international bazaar.

Maple syrup has been a part of Canada’s culture from the beginning. Indigenous populations taught early settlers how to harvest sap and boil it to make syrup. Today, there are more than 8,600 maple syrup businesses in Canada. 

Produced in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Canada’s maple syrup represents 80% of the world’s supply. This makes it the perfect product to showcase at the bazaar.

This year, Canada’s sales contributed close to $1,500 to the bazaar’s grand total of $350,000. Products on display included maple cookies, maple toffee, maple suckers and, of course, maple syrup, the latter of which sold out in record time.