Strong Women – Strong World: Women’s rights and empowerment

Strong Women – Strong World: Women’s rights and empowerment

Canada is a world leader in the promotion and protection of women’s rights and gender equality. These issues are central to Canada’s foreign and domestic policies.

Violence against women violates and impairs or nullifies women’s human rights and is an obstacle to the achievement of the objectives of equality, development and peace.

The right start for women and children in Pakistan

Families in Pakistan take part in the Right Start Initiative, which aims to improve nutrition for pregnant women, newborns, and young children. [Pakistan, July 2017]

Midwives across Cultures

In 2016, there were 800 deaths in Mexican rural and indigenous communities, due to pregnancy and childbirth complications according to the Observatory of Maternal Mortality in Mexico. Three Canadian indigenous midwives recently travelled to Mexico with a goal of spreading their knowledge.

Humanitarian Action through a Woman’s Lens

Women and girls face heightened risks due to displacement and the breakdown of normal protection structures and support in crisis settings according to a report by UN Women.

Malagasy women key to fight against rural poverty

Canada and Miaro Madagascar partner to empower rural women and their communities through agricultural skills training in Madagascar. [Madagascar, April 2017]

Men and boys take steps toward gender equality in Vietnam

The Embassy of Canada to Vietnam partnered with the UN Women, the Gender-based Violence Prevention Network in Vietnam and other diplomatic missions to call on men and boys to help eliminate social barriers, promote gender equality, and empower women.
[Vietnam, May 2017]

Supporting women's startups and entrepreneurship in Vietnam

The startup and entrepreneurship culture is growing globally. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City in particular, is emerging as a hotspot.
[Vietnam, April 2017]

Call to action in Barbados – “How can you champion gender equality?”

While the advancement of women’s participation in social, economic, cultural and political avenues is happening in many places around the world, progress is slow.
[Barbados, April 2017]

Overcoming traditional powers in Cameroon so that women can make decisions

The High Commission of Canada to Cameroon partnered with the Adamaoua Girls and Women Association (AGWA) and Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) to raise awareness about gender equality and to persuade traditional leaders to make changes towards an equal society.
[Cameroon, April 2017]

Supporting Chilean society to sensitize men to violence against women

The combatting of sexual violence is something which ideally should include every element of society, including men, so that they too can be agents of change.
[Chile, March 2017]

Honouring human rights leaders in Venezuela

Human rights defenders can be women, men, boys or girls of any background. What they all have in common are their efforts to promote and protect human rights even when doing so endangers their own lives.
[Venezuela, March 2017]

Young Women – Agents of Change: #FemParl II

Over the years, considerable strides have been made throughout South Asia but work remains. Canada is focused on achieving equitable and sustainable progress, improving women's status, and respecting women’s rights and contributions.
[Sri Lanka, March 2017]

Brunei and Canada: building societies where women can shine

Despite having reached gender equality in secondary and tertiary education, women in Brunei Darussalam have yet to realize the same level of economic participation and political empowerment as that of men.
[Brunei, February 2017]

Canada in Senegal: Girls advocating for girls

In 2015 in Senegal, it was estimated that only 37% of girls enrolled in school, with the majority dropping out by secondary school. Girls are often excluded from education systems due to unintended marriages and pregnancies, as well as unfavorable school environments such as a lack of separate girls and boy’s washrooms.
[Senegal, Jamuary 2017]

“NO MORE”: Canada preventing violence against women in Hanoi

It is estimated that over 31% of Vietnamese girls and women under the age of 25 have experienced sexual harassment in public places and around 11% of students, from a sample of 30 schools in Hanoi, had been sexually abused or violated. [Vietnam, December 2016]

Canada in Australia: 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

The Pacific region has some of the highest rates of domestic violence in the world.
[Australia, December 2016]

Child brides: Canada raises awareness in Cameroon

Aissatou, a victim of child early and forced marriage, shares her story with leaders from her community to help raise awareness and end CEFM.
[Cameroon, November 2016]

Riding along with local youth to promote gender rights

Joining local partners and UN agencies the Canadian Embassy participated in campaigns to highlight Canada as a champion in promoting and protecting women’s rights and gender equality.
[Vietnam, April, 2016]

Opening remarks emphasizing Canada’s priorities
Enhancing Women’s Empowerment in Latin America

The rights of women took center-stage in the recent line-up of events held by the Embassy of Canada in Argentina and Paraguay highlighting “The Empowerment of Women.”
[Argentina and Paraguay, February & March, 2016]

Protecting the rights of women and girls in the Pacific

The High Commission of Canada in New Zealand supported multiple projects in the South Pacific, that focused on the causes and appropriate responses to intimate partner violence.
[Samoa, February, 2016]

Girls Code to Walk Freely in Kosovo

Canada’s Embassy to Croatia supported the development of an app called Walk Freely, that provides an anonymous way to report sexual harassment.
[Kosovo, February 2016]

Kenya: The Equality Effect - fighting for justice for child rape victims in Kenya

To achieve justice for child rape victims, The High Commission of Canada in Kenya supported police training sessions, a mobile app, and campaigns that urged collective responsibilit.
[Kenya, February 2016]

After 12 is Not Lunch

Exploring how girls are automatically seen as sexual objects after the age of 12 and how this issue can be addressed.
[Tobago, January 2016]

Helping female coffee farmers become more competitive

The Embassy of Canada to Indonesia helps provide business training to female farmers in a district with a poverty rate above the national average.
[Indonesia, January 2016]

Women’s Parliamentary Participation is Essential

South Asia regional tour inspires dialogue and results. The importance local governments and organizations are placing on women’s parliamentary participation was clear.
[Sri Lanka, January 2016]

Raising voices together for indigenous rights in Latin America

Strengthening the relationship between Canada’s bilateral cooperation program, indigenous organizations, and local civil societies working to protect and promote indigenous women’s human rights.
[Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, January 2016]

Canada encourages women’s rights in Morocco

Canada hosts a documentary screening and debate to identify challenges and opportunities for women to be involved in Imilchil’s society.
[Morocco, December 2015]

Canada Supports Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs in Ghana

Canada supports the empowerment of rural women leading small medium enterprises in the Adansi South district.
[Ghana, December 2015]

Turning Orange to End Gender-Based Violence in Thailand

The Canadian Embassy in Thailand collaborates on a series of 16 Days of Activism events to end gender-based violence.
[Thailand, November 2015]

Educate a girl and you educate a community

The High Commission of Canada in Pakistan collaborated with UNICEF to host an art contest that was themed “Investing in Girls’ Education for a Brighter Future”
[Pakistan, October 2015]

Ghana: Lifting Social Barriers, Empowering Communities

There is a clear discrepancy in poverty rates among men and women in Ghana. Canada project focuses on developing a network among women entrepreneurs to strengthen their technical skills and build sustainable economic growth.
[Ghana, May 2015]

Gender Equality & Religious Freedom in Indonesia

The Embassy of Canada hosted a conference to promote women’s rights and freedom of religion in Indonesia.
[Indonesia, March 2015]

Media awards help close the gender gap in India

Canada supported the Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity to encourage positive images of women and girls in India.
[India, March 2015]

"Women not witches” education in Papua New Guinea

The High Commission of Canada in Canberra and Seeds Theatre Group are reducing violence against women in the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea through education.
[Papua New Guinea, February 2015]

Protecting civic and human rights during Libya’s transition

The Embassy of Canada to Libya engaged Libyans in a conversation about the rights of women and children during the ongoing political transition.
[Libya, February 2015]

Canada supports the promotion of women’s land rights in Cameroon’s north region

Canada’s High Commissioner to Cameroon works with the Femmes Porteuses d’espoir to promote women’s rights in Ngong.
[Cameroon, February 2015]