Eyes Abroad

Follow Canada's footprints around the world - from the building blocks of a 'peace school' in Mali to a Nunavut student cultural exchange in Peru with indigenous communities - we bring you stories from the field.

Eyes Abroad - stories from the field

  • Canada and Australia shine the spotlight on Indigenous health and wellness

    2017-02-06 - Many Indigenous communities are facing health and wellness issues particularly those located in rural, remote and isolated areas. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, heart health, cancer and mental health were identified as common health issues prevalent across Indigenous communities in both Canada and Australia.

  • Raising awareness about child marriage in Bangladesh

    2017-02-01 - Every year, 15 million girls around the world are forced to marry before their 18th birthday. Each of these girls has a story to tell.

  • Canada in Senegal: Girls advocating for girls

    2017-01-25 - In 2015 in Senegal, it was estimated that only 37% of girls enrolled in school, with the majority dropping out by secondary school. Girls are often excluded from education systems due to unintended marriages and pregnancies, as well as unfavorable school environments such as a lack of separate girls and boy’s washrooms.

  • Canada celebrating National Aboriginal Day in Switzerland

    2017-01-31 - The Embassy of Canada to Switzerland hosted a reception for National Aboriginal Day as a way of celebrating Canada’s unique heritage, diverse cultures and the outstanding contribution of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples to Canadian identity today. The Canadian Constitution recognizes these three groups as Aboriginal peoples, also known as Indigenous Peoples.