Specific information for Colombia

Lost or Stolen Passports in colombia

For general information on lost, stolen, inaccessible, damaged or found Canadian passports, please refer to http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/passport/security/lost-stolen.asp

If your Canadian passport has been lost or stolen, you should follow these steps:

Report the situation to the Government of Canada:

  • by email at bgotaconsular@international.gc.ca or sos@international.gc.ca
  • by phone at 571+657-9822
  • If consular officers are unavailable to take your call, it is advisable you leave a message detailing your name, contact information, the situation, your expected travel date and destination/itinerary. Consular officers will cancel your passport to avoid identity theft.

Report the situation to Colombian authorities:

For the city of Bogota, you may contact: 

Estación de Policía de Usaquén
Address CALLE 165 con CARRERA 8 A
Phone 571+ 3159000 Ext. 9607

Estación de Policía Aeropuerto
Address Calle 26 Nº 103-09
Phone 571+ 4397070

For other cities, please contact the Colombian National Police who will refer you to the appropriate station:

Colombian National Police
Phone (571) 315-9112 / (571) 315-9111
Toll free number: 018000-910600
Email: lineadirecta@policia.gov.co

Replacing a lost or stolen passport

When applying for the replacement of a lost or stolen passport, additional requirements will apply. For example, a simplified application won’t be accepted. Consular officer will guide you through the process, but make sure you provide the complete information.

For your convenience, basic and additional requirements are detailed here:

Passport application forms

  • PPTC040 (adults)
  • PPTC042 (children under 16)
  • Remember that a simplified renewal is not possible when the passport has been lost or stolen.

PPTC203 - Declaration concerning a lost, stolen, inaccessible, damaged or found Canadian travel document

Original proof of Canadian citizenship

  • original Canadian birth certificate or original citizenship card
  • If you do not have your proof of citizenship with you in Colombia but somebody has access to it in Canada, you can request your family /friends to submit the original at a Passport Office in Canada.
  • If no original proof of citizenship is available, consular officers will determine further steps according to your specific situation.

If you have no guarantor, you will need to submit PPTC132 – Statutory Declaration in lieu of Guarantor (this form is not available online)

  • Fees will apply
  • The 2 additional references asked on PPTC132 must be different from the ones mentioned on the passport application form
  • Make sure you have the contact information for all your references as consular officers will call them
  • This form will need to be signed in front of the Consular officer.

Police report

Travel itinerary



  • Applicable fees will be confirmed by the Consular officers at the embassy

Questions? Contact us at bgotaconsular@international.gc.ca 

Entry stamp

If your lost / stolen passport is replaced by the Embassy, the new passport will not bear the entry stamp into Colombia. Therefore, you will have to obtain an exit permit (Salvo Conducto) at an Immigration office (called Migración Colombia) located at the airport or another port of exit.

Passports lost then found

Please note that as soon as you report the loss or theft of your Canadian passport to the Canadian government, it will be cancelled. If you then find it, you will not be able to use it. You will have to return it to the Embassy and apply for a replacement.

Stolen ticket

If your ticket was not an electronic ticket and was stolen/ lost, you must contact the airline directly.

Lost/stolen credit cards

If you need to report lost or stolen credit cards, you must contact your bank directly.