Ambassador Ginette Martin

Message from the Ambassador

As Ambassador of Canada to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo, and on behalf of my colleagues at the Embassy of Canada in Kinshasa, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this website. I hope that you will find the information you need to learn more about the Embassy in Kinshasa’s activities and Canada’s bilateral relations with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). Representing Canada in these warm and fascinating countries is both a great honour and a great privilege, and during my stay, I hope to have the opportunity to visit both countries extensively to acquaint myself with their rich histories and fine peoples.

The staff at the Kinshasa diplomatic mission implements programs related to political and economic affairs, cooperation, business and investment development, and services to Canadian citizens. Our site will give you access to the information you need to become better acquainted with and to better understand our activities, and will connect you to other sources where you can find more information on these issues and answers to your questions. Congolese citizens who want to study in or visit Canada can also use this site to find all the information they need to obtain a visa.

Because of its central location in Africa, the DRC is an important actor in terms of political stability and economic development in the region. Canada is a long-standing partner of the DRC: we have been represented in the country since 1962. We play an active role in the international community’s stabilization and democratization efforts in response to Congolese needs. Canada is involved in diplomatic, humanitarian, development assistance and peacekeeping activities.

The Embassy of Canada in Kinshasa is also accredited to the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), where Canada continues to encourage democratic development and respect for human rights. We believe that these values, as well as good governance, are closely linked to peace, prosperity for states and the well-being of their citizens.

The multi-faceted relationship between Canada and the two Congos is based, among other things, on our common and active membership in La Francophonie. Moreover, Canada appreciates the significant contribution that the Canadian-Congolese community—based in Montréal, but also Toronto and Vancouver—makes to its society. Canada and the DRC share a wealth of natural resources, creating affinities that should foster the continued growth of our commercial ties and investments. The presence of a number of Canadian investors makes the DRC the third-largest destination (2012) in Africa in the mining sector. Major Canadian companies continue to collaborate in both countries’ modernization efforts. Canada encourages the two governments to improve the business climate that prevails in their countries in order to further their own economic growth and increase interest among Canadian investors. I also invite you to contact our trade sector, where an experienced officer can discuss the various opportunities offered by the Canadian and Congolese markets.

Canada has been a development partner in Africa for over 45 years, and in 2014, the DRC became one of 25 countries of focus for Canadian cooperation. The country continues to face numerous challenges, and Canada will be by its side, as it has been in the past, in addressing poverty and instability. Canadian development cooperation in the Democratic Republic of Congo is in line with the poverty reduction and growth strategy developed by the Congolese government.

Building the capacity of public institutions is central to Canada’s strategy, which aims to establish a more democratic, prosperous and just state. Moreover, the Government of Canada is helping to strengthen the DRC’s health system by targeting the most urgent needs of disadvantaged communities, especially those of mothers, children and youth. Our programs are also intended to increase the capabilities of central government officials, local authorities and civil society in order to help the tens of thousands of women and girls who have been the victims of sexual violence in the eastern provinces, and to help combat these despicable crimes. Canada also provides humanitarian assistance to communities affected by armed conflict.

The Embassy of Canada in Kinshasa team works hard to promote and defend Canada’s interests in the DRC and the Republic of Congo. We are all very proud—Canadian and Congolese workers alike—to work together to help build even closer and more positive relations between our peoples.

Enjoy your virtual tour!

Ginette Martin

Ambassador Ginette Martin