Canada serves up culinary delights in Costa Rica

Ambassador McKay converses with the Costa Rican Trade Minister.

Ambassador McKay and Chef Edgar Alvarez whip up a tasty Canadian creation.

Costa Rican consumers now have the opportunity to enjoy the finest Canadian beef at their tables. To mark the arrival of Canadian beef to Costa Rican markets, Canadian Ambassador Cameron MacKay hosted a culinary celebration at the official residence in San José. The event, dubbed Savour Canada, featured the renowned Chef Edgar Alvarez and an impressive menu focussing on various Canadian agricultural products.

In addition to Canadian beef, attendees – who included international buyers, media representatives, and Costa Rican government officials –  sampled dishes made from pork, maple syrup, canola oil, wheat, beans, peas and lentils.

“Canada produces some of the best beef in the world and our beef producers continue to deliver the taste and quality that keeps customers coming back for more,” said Ambassador MacKay. “This excellent quality starts with the finest livestock, raised in Canada’s clean, natural environment and nourished with quality feed.”

The arrival of Canadian beef is indeed cause for celebration in Costa Rica, as it is much sought after by the tourism and retail industries in many Latin American markets. In 2010, Canada-Costa Rica agricultural trade was valued at US$265.3 million. And with the introduction of Canadian beef to Costa Rica, this successful – and tasty – relationship is bound to continue.

Ambassador McKay and Chef Edgar Alvarez put on a show to demonstrate the diverse culinary applications of Canadian food products.