Canada - Denmark Relations

Political Relations

Canada and Denmark are partners and allies in a strong bilateral relationship. Both countries support multilateral solutions for global issues, such as the strengthening of international peace and security, conflict resolution, as well as improving the social and economic well-being of the global community.  Denmark and Canada also work together on northern issues and both are active in the Arctic Council.

Military Cooperation

Denmark is a firm believer in the importance of the transatlantic link and the cohesiveness of NATO. Cooperation on global issues is also notable in our shared peace support, democracy-building and humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa.


The Greenland Self-Government Act devolved extensive powers from Denmark to Greenland with the main exceptions being foreign and security policy. Greenland has focussed on Canada, and in particular Nunavut, as a priority in the development of its international linkages. This is due to the historic ties between our respective countries’ Inuit communities as well as shared language, traditions, and culture.


Canada and Denmark are both strong trading nations, and share a similar way of doing business. Our economies depend on innovation and knowledge-intensive sectors for growth, and are underpinned by the strengths of our small-to-medium sized companies. Both countries have particularly vibrant agri-food export sectors.

Over the past decade, business ties between Denmark and Canada have enjoyed significant development, particularly in the knowledge-based industry sectors of life sciences, renewable energy, and information and communication technologies.

In 2013, Canada's exports to Denmark totalled C$ 243 million consisting primarily of fish and seafood (shrimps), agricultural products (primarily soya beans), pharmaceutical and medical products.

Canada's imports from Denmark totalled the same year C$ 998 million consisting primarily of oil, wind turbines, and pharmaceutical/medical products.


Danish direct investment in Canada totalled C$ 1,375 million in 2013. Most of the new investments are from firms already located in Canada. Danish investments in Canada range from bio-pharmaceuticals to construction/insulation material and dairy products.    

Canadian investment in Denmark remained relatively steady over recent years totalling C$ 395 million in 2013 with the major Canadian investors in electronics/software, transportation and nutrition.

August 2014

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