Ambassador’s Welcome Message

Welcome to the Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen. Velkommen til den Canadiske Ambassade i København.

Many thanks for visiting our website.  Whether you are interested in commercial and investment opportunities, travel, study, and cultural events related to Canada, or if you are Canadian seeking consular assistance, the Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen is here to provide information and offer services to support.  You can contact us directly at, and for Canadians living and traveling in Denmark, please also register via our on-line registration of Canadians abroad.

I am truly honoured to represent Canada to Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and I am keen to explore and collaborate on ways to enhance our already rich and positive relationship. The Kingdom of Denmark is an important and close friend of Canada.  As NATO Allies and Arctic partners, Canada and Denmark share a history of fruitful cooperation across a broad range of global issues, from international security, international assistance and sustainable development, to working to advance human rights and gender equality, and combatting climate change.  And, we are neighbours, with Nunavut and Greenland sharing unique cultural, historic and economic ties along our shared 2,000 km maritime border.  

Our trade relationship is strong, and we are eager to expand bilateral trade to the real benefit of all partners, particularly following the signing of the historic Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union.  This progressive trade agreement is an important step in promoting high standards, and in demonstrating that economic development and prosperity go hand in hand with high social standards.

The Embassy is here for you, so feel free to reach out and visit us often.  You can also connect with us or follow via twitter @CanadaDenmark and @emifuruya1.

Your sincerely, 

Emi Furuya


Emi Furuya (BA Hons [Political Science specialization, French Literature major], University of Toronto, 1996; MA [Political Science], University of Toronto, 1997) worked as a consultant for the Canadian International Development Agency, specializing in democratization and good governance before joining the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in 1999. Ms. Furuya has served abroad as political counsellor at the embassy in Paris (2006 to 2010), as second secretary (political) at the embassy in Tokyo (2000 to 2003) and as junior adviser at the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations in New York City (1999). In Ottawa, she has worked on Commonwealth affairs; managed peace support operations, including security sector policy and deployments; and served as deputy director for the department’s international assistance envelope and international financial institutions division. She has also served as deputy director for the G7 and G20 summits, as director of the Office of the Senior Associate Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and, most recently, as executive director of the Office of the Deputy Minister of International Development. Ms. Furuya and her spouse have two sons.

Ambassador Emi Furuya