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Canada-Dominican Republic Relations

The Dominican Republic is an important partner for Canada in the Caribbean, sharing a commitment to democracy, the rule of law, human rights and free markets. Canada has significant commercial interests in the country, mostly in the mining and financial sectors, and is the most active foreign investor in the Dominican Republic. In 2011, the two governments concluded negotiations on a Labour Cooperation Agreement that is one of the most comprehensive labour cooperation agreements to date and the first globally to enforce labour obligations that are not linked to a free trade agreement.

Canada and the Dominican Republic collaborated successfully in responding to the 2010 earthquake in neighbouring Haiti. The Dominican Republic served as an important staging area for Canadian relief and reconstruction efforts, and a critical logistical partner in getting relief to Haiti and in evacuating Canadians.  

The Dominican Republic remains the second most popular destination in the Caribbean for Canadians and the sixth most popular destination worldwide. 

Recent high-level visits include a trade mission led by Minister of State of La Francophonie, Bernard Valcourt, in September 2012, and by Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs), Diane Ablonczy, to attend the inauguration of President Danilo Medina in August 2012.

February 2013

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