Citizenship Application

Citizenship Certificate

Requirements for a New Born Child

  • Original Birth Certificate from the Ministry of Health
  • Original Translation of Birth Certificate from the Ministry of Health
  • Authentication of translated Birth Certificate by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Original Canadian Birth Certificate or Canadian Citizenship Card of parent applying for citizenship for his/her child
  • Two photographs as specified on the application form at: Citizenship application photograph specifications
  • Fees of CND $75.00 (or the equivalent of 825.00 LE)
  • Photocopy of letter obtained and stamped by the hospital including the child information, mother's information and the treating medical doctor (the gynaecologist) information
  • Complete application number
  • Original passport(s) of the mother issued before the child's date of birth.
  • DNA medical test might be requested

NB: The first name and last name on the proof of citizenship (Canadian Birth Certificate or Canadian Citizenship Card) of the Canadian parent applying HAS TO BE the same as his/her first name and last name on the birth certificate of the child.

Please note that if the child is less than two years old and you need to travel with the child before the citizenship has arrived, you can apply for a Canadian passport for the child if you present an airline ticket bearing the name of the child in addition to all child's Canadian passport requirements, In that case, the passport will have a full validity period of two years non-extendable.

You can learn more about Canadian citizenship by visiting the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Web site.