Ambassador Troy Lulashnyk

Message from the Ambassador

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Canada to Egypt. We are located at 26 Kamel El Shenawy Street in Garden City, Cairo.

The Mission staff, which is made up of a team of over 50 Egyptians and Canadians, actively delivers programs in consular affairs, development cooperation, immigration, political and economic relations, public affairs, trade and business development and support services.

If you are a Canadian resident or citizen visiting or living in Egypt, we encourage you to register with the Embassy through the Registration of Canadians Aboard (ROCA) page, or by coming to the Embassy in person.

Canada and Egypt established embassies in their respective capitals in 1954. Since that time Canada has enjoyed positive relations with this key Arab partner, and relations have become more robust.  Egypt now has a Consulate in Montreal.

Whether you are a Canadian trying to find out more about what your country is doing in Egypt or someone interested in learning more about Canada, we hope you will find answers to your questions here. Please visit our informative site, or send us an email at with your particular questions.

We also invite you to visit our highlights section to learn more about the activities of the Embassy of Canada to Egypt.

Egypt is passing through a historic time, and Canada will continue to support Egypt’s transition to democracy, and the Egyptian people’s calls for freedom, human rights and the rule of law for all Egyptians.

Best regards,

Troy Lulashnyk
Ambassador of Canada to Egypt

Ambassador - Troy Lulashnyk