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Canada-EU Summit - May 6, 2009

Joint Declaration on the Agreement on Air Transport

Today, we mark the Agreement on Air Transport between Canada and the European Community and its Member States initialled on 30 November 2008 in London. This far-reaching agreement will begin a new era of transatlantic relations, improving connections between our respective markets and citizens, as well as creating new opportunities in the airline sector. We emphasize that the removal of barriers between the EU and Canada is of particular significance in the current economic environment. For the first time, direct flights between all points in the European Union and Canada will be possible. The airline industry will benefit from simplified approval procedures and passengers will have more choices and better services.

The formal signature of the Agreement will take place as soon as possible following the authentication of all language versions and the finalisation of the relevant internal decision-making procedures.

For the Canadian side:
S. Harper, Prime Minister, Canada

For the European side:
J. Barroso, President, European Commission
M. Topolánek, Prime Minister, Czech Republic


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