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Canada-EU Summit - May 6, 2009

At the Canada-EU Summit in Prague on 6 May, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mirek Topolánek, Czech Prime Minister and holder of the EU Presidency, and José Manuel Barroso, adopted a Joint Declaration.

A wide range of subjects was discussed, centred around 3 themes on which Canada and the EU work closely together:

  • a comprehensive economic partnership ageement;
  • energy, climate change and the environment;
  • peace and security.

The Summit looked at the commitments made in 2008 and reported on progress, as well as setting the direction for the future.

Regular Canada-EU Summits bring together the Canadian Prime Minister, the leader of the EU Member State that holds the current EU Presidency, the President of the European Commission. Among other things these Summits, and the Summit Declarations, provide the political direction for the relationship as a whole and frequently address shared foreign policy concerns.

2008 Summit: key commitments

In October 2008, at their Summit in Quebec City, Canada and EU Leaders adopted a joint Declaration. Some key commitments included:


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