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Job Opportunities at the Mission

The staff of the Canadian Mission to the EU consists of three categories: Canadian diplomats, locally-engaged staff and interns.

Canadian diplomats are recruited by Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa and through several other government departments. They are rotational employees who have diplomatic status when posted abroad.

Locally-engaged staff are recruited by the Mission. All vacant positions are staffed by competitive process. When employment opportunities occur they are posted below.

Interns at the Mission have to be Canadian citizens who have recently graduated from university, with at least a Bachelor's degree.

Job openings, Competition notices and Internships

Job opportunities are listed here, when available.


The Mission Internship Program is intended to offer Canadian citizens an opportunity to improve their understanding of Canada-EU relations and European integration processes.  The program aims to provide a first-hand experience of the conduct of Canadian diplomacy in Europe and the issues at stake in the Canada-EU relationship. Participants will also gain practical insight into the day-to-day work of the Mission, while contributing to the Mission's objectives.

Global Affairs Canada is currently reviewing the internship hiring process for Missions abroad. There is no intern process underway at this time. Any new opportunities will be added to the website so we would encourage those interested to check this site periodically. Competitions are normally held in May for three month internships from September and from January.

Other possibilities

More information on opportunities at our Embassy to Belgium and Luxembourg.


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