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Science and Technology

Canada and Europe are longstanding partners in the field of Science and Technology. Research and development partnerships thrive at academic, private and public levels, in both Europe and Canada.

Since 1996, Canada and the European Union (EU) have had an Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation, which was amended in 1998. The Agreement facilitates cooperation between the EU and Canada "in fields of common interest where the Parties are supporting research and development activities to advance science and/or technology relevant to those fields of interest." As a result of the Agreement, Canadians can participate in the European Union's Framework Program Horizon 2020 and Europeans from EU Member States can participate in Canadian federal programs.

The mutual advantages of strong Canada-EU science, technology and innovation partnerships are evident. Many EU priority areas for research overlap with those of Canada, such as energy (eg hydrogen and fuel cells, carbon capture and storage), food and biotechnology (biofuels, traceability, diet and nutrition), health (aging population, diabetes, cancer, obesity) and information and communication technologies (ICT). Working collaboratively enables researchers to interact with the world's best minds and organisations thus avoiding duplication of effort and enabling the benefits and risks to be shared.

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