Ambassador Andrée Noëlle Cooligan

Message from the Ambassador

Canada -Finland relations span all facets of modern society, yet its history dates back hundreds of years. From Finnish exploration of Canada’s flora and fauna in the 1740s through the various waves of Finnish immigration to Canada, the two countries share a rich, diverse past. And a solid relationship today. This year, we celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence, Canada’s 150 years since confederation and 70 years of diplomatic relations between our two nations. It is an honour to serve as Ambassador at this remarkable time in our shared history.

The Canadian government has been active in Finland since the 1890s, a time when Canada was positioning itself as a destination for new settlers. Finnish communities in Canada – established during multiple waves of migration - continue to contribute to the fabric of Canadian society. These “people-to-people” ties have led to a bilateral engagement across political, scientific, economic and cultural realms, and continue to foster two-way tourism travel.

Canada is proud of its achievements during its chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2013-2015), a period during which Canada successfully enhanced the Arctic Council’s focus on the people of the Arctic through its chairmanship priorities. I look forward to further cooperation on issues of sustainable development and climate change during the Finnish chairmanship period (2017-2019).

Together with our Finnish partners, the Embassy of Canada in Finland strives to advance the economic growth of our two countries by fostering cooperation within the fields of ICT, renewable energy, responsible resource development, science, and education exchanges. I look forward to increasing and strengthening the commercial and research ties between our countries, leveraging the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

By supporting cross-cultural awareness among indigenous communities, and across sport, film, literature and stage, while helping the many Canadians who travel to or live in Finland, it is my intention to grow and build upon the “people-to-people” relationship.

I look forward to an on-going and open dialogue with my Finnish political colleagues - at all levels of government – to continue our shared approach to global and regional issues such as democracy, security and human rights, and to maintain and enhance our positions on the world-stage.

Andrée Noëlle Cooligan
Ambassador to the Republic of Finland

Biography - Ambassador Andrée Noëlle Cooligan

Andrée Noëlle Cooligan joined the Department of External Affairs and International Trade in 1991 following work in the airline industry.

Ms. Cooligan has served abroad as Trade Commissioner in Thailand, Senior Trade Commissioner and Consul in Turkey and as Chargé d’affaires and Commercial Program Manager in Finland. Ms. Cooligan was stationed in Cyprus and Turkey during the Government of Canada’s evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon in 2006. In Ottawa, Ms. Cooligan has held management positions as Acting Director and Deputy Director for the Trade Commissioner Service Marketing Division and the Regional Offices Division, as well as in the Communications Bureau, and has served as Desk Officer for Southeast Asia.

Prior to taking on her duties as Canada’s Ambassador to the Republic of Finland, Ms. Cooligan was the Commercial Counsellor at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin, Germany from 2010-2013.

Ms Cooligan holds a Bachelor of Arts (1988) from the University of Ottawa, with combined credits from Laval University.

Ms. Cooligan speaks English, French, German and Finnish.