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Canada-France Cooperation in Space

Canada and France have been working together for a long time on scientific and civil space projects, for example on WINDII, INTERBALL, ODIN and COSPAS-SARSAT.  Recently, through their space agencies, Canada and France have strengthened their relationship by signing in December 2011 a framework agreement allowing for new projects.

The first joint project thus to have been established is for stratospheric scientific balloons.  France will provide its impressive know-how based on decades of experience, Canada will set up the launching base infrastructure (located in Timmins, Ont.), and both partners will develop together new platforms and instruments.  The first flight is planned for 2013.  Other cooperation projects in research and development (Earth observation, satellite telecommunications) are under study.

In addition to their industrial cooperation under the ESA programs, there are some solid transatlantic trade partnerships, as seen in the ties long established between French and Canadian companies.

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