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Assistance to Canadians

Birth on French Territory

The birth of any child, legitimate or natural, has to be registered in France. Registration must occur within 3 days following the date of birth. Anyone having been present at the birth can register it at the city hall of the place of birth. As a rule, births are registered automatically by hospital or clinic staff. The family record book has to be brought in to register the child, along with the certificate issued by the doctor or midwife. Note that the registration of a birth is not the same as recognition.

In France, the extract from birth certificate is obtained without charge from the city hall in the place where the birth was registered. The request must specify the date of the birth and the names of the child, the father and the mother at the time when the child was born. A stamped, self-addressed return envelope must be attached.

You can also consult the heading "Naissance" (Available in French Only) on the French Service Public web site.


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