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Canadian passports are issued ONLY to Canadian citizens.


Passports: Simplified Renewal Application Process now available for Canadians applying in France

As of July 9th, 2012, Canadians living in France who meet specific eligibility criteria may apply for a new Canadian passport through the simplified renewal application process.

The passport renewal application for Canadians abroad is available online - PDF Version * (422 KB). The fees and processing times are the same as for a regular passport application.

* If you require a plug-in or a third-party software to view this file, please visit the alternative formats section of our help page.

Instructions and application forms:

Processing Time

Since November 10, 2016, the Government of Canada has introduced new regulations requiring Canadian citizens with dual citizenship to hold a valid Canadian passport to board a flight to Canada.

Due to this new regulation, Consular Services have experienced a very large increase in the volume of passport applications. It is expected that this situation will continue throughout 2017, or even longer. As a result, processing times usually of 4 weeks can no longer be respected. Currently, these deadlines are approximately 8 weeks upon submission of a duly completed file.

We recommend that you send your application by registered mail in order to have a confirmation of receipt/date of receipt at our office. Due to the large number of files to be processed, it is impossible for us to answer questions regarding applications have been received. Only special or urgent queries will be answered, and the date the application was received is required. You will only be contacted if your file is incomplete or if additional information is required.

If you have an unexpected impending trip, please contact us by e-mail at with the subject: "Passport Application - Travel Date". Please include your name (s) and first name (s) as they appear on your application form, date of birth, the date we received your application and the date of travel along with proof of travel. If you indicate a travel date without providing proof, your application may not be considered.

Rest assured that every effort is being made to deal with this situation and we thank you for your understanding.


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