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Assistance to Canadians

Application for a Canadian Passport from Outside Canada (Child under 16 years of age - PPT 042)

Children are not eligible for simplified passport renewal.  Complete the child application available at the following link: PPTC042.

Both parents (and/or legal guardians) must sign the passport application for a child.

Important note

- An original proof of parentage (including the names of the parents) must be submitted with all child applications.  Consult this link for more information

- The “Livret de Famille”, document by French authorities, is not an accepted by Passport Canada as a proof of parentage

- The Child’s proof of Canadian Citizenship must be submitted with the application

Documents to submit with your passport application:

The list of documents to submit with the application may be found at the following link.


Photos must respect Passport Canada specifications.  Photos taken in photo booths (photomaton) are not accepted. 

Guarantor: New policy effective since December 9th, 2013

For all child applications you must have a guarantor.

Modifications have been made to the list of eligible guarantors for passport applications submitted abroad. Please consult Passport Canada website for more details.

If you have lived in France or the Principality of Monaco for less than two years, you may complete the “Declaration in lieu of Guarantor” form (PPTC132), available from Consular Services.

In situations of parental separation/divorce :

All legal documents concerning the custody and parental authority of the child must be presented with the passport application.
Consult this link for more information.

Absence of the Proof of Citizenship for children under two years of age:

If you have submitted a citizenship application for your child (under 2 years of age) and you must travel, you may request passport services.

The requirements of a regular passport application must be presented in addition to a proof of travel issued in the name of the child.  You must also be able to demonstrate that an application for citizenship has been submitted.

For more information, please contact Consular Services.


For current fees and accepted payment methods, please consult our Payment schedule.        

Where to send the application?

Embassy of Canada
Consular Services
35, avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris France

-          By mail:  It is highly advised to send your application by registered letter.

-          Drop-off in the Consular mailbox located inside the main entrance of the Embassy (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm), excluding public holidays.

-          In person at Consular Services from Monday to Friday between 9am and 12pm (excluding public holidays) if you are paying by cash or in cases requiring the intervention of a consular agent.

Take note :

Passport applications presented in person will not be examined at the reception counter of Consular Services.  The receptionist will transmit the applications to the file analysts.  Applications submitted in person follow the same procedure as those received by the post.

Processing delay:

The processing time for a child passport application is 20 business days. This 20-day period only starts once we have a complete and accurate application and does not include postal delivery time.

Processing times may change depending on the volume of applications received and are not guaranteed. Complexity of routine verifications and security checks leads to longer processing times.

Travelling with a child:

For information or advice about travelling with a child, consult the following website.

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