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Retirement in France

It is obligatory for all employees in France to belong to one or more complementary retirement plans that pay out retirement benefits prorated on contributions paid in. To collect your pensions in France, you have to have reached age 60 and been employed. Retirement benefits are exportable without any conditions of eligibility as to length of residency and employment in France.

All employees and employers contribute to the basic plan of the Old Age Social Security Fund (In French Only). Accordingly, all retirees (ex-employees) collect benefits from this retirement fund. Added to it, reflecting employee status and income level, are the complementary retirement funds, ARRCO (In French Only) for everyone and AGIRC (In French Only) solely for high-income professionals. In this situation, an employee can be contributing to 3 different retirement funds.

You can also consult the heading "Retraite" on the French Service Public web site.


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