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Understanding Canada: Canadian Studies


Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada has been invited to review its operating and program expenses. This exercise is part of a more general effort aiming to reduce the deficit, modernize the government and to find means to facilitate the interaction between the Canadian population and the government as well as to readjust the costs of the activities of the governmental programs. Further to the announcements in the 2012 budget, some changes are made in the organization including the termination of some programs. The Understanding Canada: Canadian Studies Program has been identified as one who should be terminated. Therefore, there will be no further grants issued under this program.

Sources of funding for academic exchanges and scholarships

  • Foundation for Canadian Studies in Germany (In German only): The Stiftung für Kanada-Studien supports teaching, research and publishing about Canada in Germany, and promotes academic links and student exchanges between Canadian and German universities.
  • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): The DAAD is the German national agency for international academic cooperation and exchange. It provides scholarships, information, and counceling about studying and research in Germany. The DAAD has an information centre in Toronto.


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