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Notarial Services

The Consular Section at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin, and the consulates in Munich, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart can provide the following notarial services:

  • Authentication of signatures on documents for use in Canada
  • Authentication of signatures on affidavits, statutory declarations and oaths
  • Certification of copies of original documents

For more information on these services please contact the Canadian Embassy in Berlin or one of our consulates.

We strongly recommend you send a copy of the document to one of our offices beforehand to find out if we can provide service.

Please visit the following websites if you require the authentication of a document issued in Canada:

Authentication of documents

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ottawa

Finding a Lawyer in Germany

The embassy does not have a legal department and cannot give legal advice or get involved in private legal matters. If you are looking for a lawyer in Germany, you might wish to investigate the following resources. Please note that the embassy cannot assume any responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of lawyers or firms found through the contacts below.

Upon request the Consular Section can also provide a list of German lawyers who speak English or French. As previously indicated, the Embassy cannot assume any responsibility regarding the professional ability or integrity of these lawyers.

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