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Marriage and Getting Married

Canadians wishing to get married in Germany should contact their local registrar's office (Standesamt). In order to be legally married, you will need a certificate from the registrar's office. Requirements for Canadians vary depending upon the couple's status in Germany and where they plan to marry.

It is not possible to get married at the embassy in Berlin or the consulates.

You will be asked to present a long-form birth certificate indicating your parentage. If you do not already have one, you may obtain it from the vital statistics office of the province or territory you were born in.

You may be asked for a Ledigkeitsbescheinigung, which is a certificate of non-impediment to marriage stating that you are single. An exact equivalent does not exist in Canada. However we can issue a statement in lieu of certificate of non-impediment to marriage for you (for use in Germany only).
The following items are required:

  • a certified copy of pages 2 and 3 of your current Canadian passport
  • a certified copy of your Canadian birth or citizenship certificate
  • a written declaration of present marital status, address in Germany and name of future spouse
  • the fee

Instead of the Ledigkeitsbescheinigung, the registrar might allow Canadians to make an affirmation of single status at the Standesamt.

Marriage in Canada

Marriage regulations vary amongst provinces and territories within Canada. For information on marriage regulations, consult the office of vital statistics in the province or territory where you intend to get married.

Canadian Marriage Certificates

Official Canadian marriage certificates are available from the Office of Vital Statistics of the province or territory where the marriage was registered.
This document is not to be confused with a commemorative document which might be issued by the person performing the marriage.

For use in Germany, the Canadian official marriage certifiate might have to be authenticated by the German Embassy in Ottawa.


Canadian divorces are recognized in Germany and vice versa.
If you are unsure where in Canada your divorce papers were filed, you might find relevant information in the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings.

More information on divorce proceedings in Canada is published by Department of Justice.


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