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Canada is Partner Country of GreenTec Awards 2017 – 10 Canadian Companies Nominated for TOP 10 in different categories

In 2017, Canada will be the first partner country of the GreenTec Awards, Europe’s most important environmental awards showcasing green technologies. Awards are being presented in the following categories: Construction & Living, Energy, Galileo Wissenspreis, Communication, Lifestyle, Mobility, Recycling & Resources, Travel, Sports, Textiles & Fashion. From the invention of the electron microscope to the selfie stick, not to mention the discovery of insulin, Canada has already proven its innovative strength in a wide variety of fields. Its partnership with the GreenTec Awards underlines Canada’s innovative approach in its promotion of green technologies and a sustainable economy.

Of the 25 Canadian applicants, the following 10 feature among the nominations for the TOP 10 in the various categories:

Category Mobility

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (BC)
Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project – Europe’s largest fleet of fuel cell buses

In support of its ambition to be one of the world’s leading cities for low carbon technology, Aberdeen in Scotland deploys Europe’s largest fleet of hydrogen fuel cell buses. With funding support from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, ten buses provide zero-emission transportation throughout the city. The buses emit only water vapour, reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, as well as being quieter and smoother to run than diesel buses. The buses are part of a "whole hydrogen" solution, with wind energy supplying power for hydrogen generation through electrolysis.

Cadex Electronics Inc. (BC)
Diagnostic battery management

CADEX's Diagnostic Battery Management (DBM) is a novel approach for the analysis of the `state of health` of batteries and combines proven CADEX battery test solutions with a tool to optimize the maintenance of batteries. DBM helps decisions to be made on battery replacement based on real status data instead of estimations on lifetime and thus to increase operational safety, save battery costs and protect the environment at the same time.

Corvus Energy (BC)
Lithium-ion based energy storage systems (ESS)

As the leading manufacturer of energy storage systems for maritime applications, Corvus Energy designed and built the Orca ESS solutions portfolio based on experience from 50+ projects utilizing a Corvus Energy ESS, totaling over 35 MWh and one million operating hours. Rather than a single product, the Orca ESS product line delivers a range of products that are designed to meet the needs of various marine customers. Orca Energy is ideal for applications that require large amounts of energy such as ferries and merchant vessels, while Orca Power has been designed for applications that require a seamless response to dynamic power loads such as offshore supply vessels and port equipment. Corvus Energy’s Orca ESS solution for hybrid power and propulsion systems will improve efficiency, reduce exhaust emissions and lower noise levels, making it the most environmentally friendly vessel in the fleet, and the new flagship ferry for Wightlink.

Category Energy

Black Rock Tidal Power Inc. (NS)
Tidal energy conversion systems - power from the sea

Black Rock Tidal Power (BRTP) offers a unique solution to generate power from tidal currents. The technology combines the innovative semi-submerged floating and rotating TRITON platform with small and robust tidal turbines made by SCHOTTEL HYDRO. Currently BRTP is developing a project to generate 2.5 MW of tidal power in the Bay of Fundy in Canada.

Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc. (BC)
A Hex-Generation story of growing tomatoes using landfill gas from garbage

Landfill Gas - it’s green, but not clean and can contribute to GHG emissions if vented or flared. It carries up to 300 types of contaminants that, if not removed, limit its usage and/or the reliability of downstream processes. Quadrogen’s Hex-Generation project converts raw landfill gas into heat and power as utilities for the greenhouse, but also as a world first contributes to a reduced carbon footprint by using the CO2 for the fertilization of greenhouse tomatoes. Hydrogen and biodiesel are produced as well and can be used to fuel refuse trucks or shipping vehicles to bring tomatoes to market. 

Category Lifestyle

“Good Natured” brand (BC)
Plant-based office organization products developed by Solegear Bioplastic Technologies Inc.

The Good Natured™ brand of home and office organizers takes everyday consumer products and reformulates them to be better for the planet without sacrificing design or quality. The current five-product collection is powered by Solegear’s proprietary LV®1250 bioplastic, a USDA BioPreferred® product with 85 percent bio-based content and no BPAs, phthalates or other hazardous chemicals. These products use the maximum possible annually renewable, plant-based material rather than fossil fuels and can also reduce CO2 emissions by up to 60 percent during manufacturing due to lower processing temperatures.

Category Recycling & Resources

PureSphera (QC)
Recycler of cooling equipment and reducer of GHG

PureSphera specializes in treating and recycling appliances that contain halocarbons. Its technologies destroy refrigerant gases and blowing agents to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances (ODS). The company operates a facility that is unique in North America for the recycling of domestic refrigerators and freezers at rate of 96 percent.

Category Special prize Start-up

Pyrowave (QC)
Microwave technology for recycling mixed plastics

Pyrowave enables the recycling of post-consumer plastic through its distributed proprietary Catalytic Microwave Depolymerisation process. The technology uses microwaves to selectively break the plastic molecules into products that are purchased by plastic manufacturers to make new plastics. Small machines are leased by recyclers feeding their plastic waste to reduce landfill costs and improve environmental sustainability. The recycled chemicals are purchased by plastic manufacturers as they increase the recycled content of plastic without changing their synthesis process.

Category Travel

Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. (OC)
MAGS - Recovering energy from cruise ship waste

It is not surprising that cruise ships generate large amounts of solid waste, resulting in demands from ship owners for solutions to repurpose and utilize waste to generate energy onboard. Terragon’s MAGS is a novel energy appliance fueled by waste, providing cruise ships with exceptionally clean operation, improved safety, energy efficiency and recovery and increased savings. Implemented on two luxury cruise ships traveling to environmentally sensitive areas, MAGS is influencing changes in maritime regulations, through the IMO, that will eventually phase out polluting incinerators.

Construction & Living

VERROX Glass Powder – a cement additive developed by Tricentris

VERROX offers a new way to add value to glass and to provide the construction industry with a high-performing cement additive. Considering that one ton of cement generates about one ton of greenhouse gases, replacing cement with VERROX reduces CO2 emissions. Research has shown that VERROX increases the performance of concrete and a recent life cycle analysis determined that it is highly preferable for the environment. VERROX has already been used in several construction projects in Quebec: in concrete slabs, street furniture, paving and sidewalks. Using VERROX also contributes to obtaining LEED® points.

Through Online Voting (up until January 6, 2017), it will be decided which innovations will go on to the next stage.

How does Online Voting work? Everyone can participate once at You are allowed to vote for one candidate in each category by clicking on “Vote now”.  To finalize your vote, don’t forget to click on “Vote now” at the bottom of the page.

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