Canada - Togo Relations

Canada - Togo Relations

Diplomatic Relations

Canada in Togo

  • Canada and Togo established diplomatic relations in 1960.
  • Canada has been represented in Togo since 1962 through its High Commission in Accra, Ghana.

Togo in Canada

Common memberships

Togolese Students in Canada

In 2015, Canada welcomed approximately 430 students from Togo.

Trade and Investments

Trade Relations

In 2015, two-way merchandise trade reached $43.1 million dollars, with exports totaling $18.5 million, and imports from Togo reaching $24.6 million. Main Canadian exports include cereals, fertilizers, vehicles and parts.  Main imports from Togo including close to $23.5 million in minerals.

Trade Agreements

In 2013, Canada and Togo concluded negotiations on a code sharing Air Transport Agreement. This type of agreement promotes connectivity between all Canadian regions and the world.

Development and Humanitarian Assistance

  • In 2014-2015, Togo benefited from $8.44 million in Canadian official development assistance.
  • The two main Canadian partners involved in Togo are Canadian Crossroads and Lawyers without Borders. The main focus sectors are democratic governance and sustainable economic growth.
  • Togo also benefits from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, which supports small projects that focus on human rights, early and forced marriages and gender-based violence.

Peace and Security

Global Affairs Canada’s Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building (CTCB) program provides assistance to help strengthen its capacity to deal with terrorist threats. The CTCBP is currently funding a project implemented by INTERPOL in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in West Africa, including Togo. Togo also benefited from regional efforts implemented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime and the Institute for Security Studies who delivered technical training covering criminal justice , information collection and analysis, and airport security.

Other Relevant Information

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