Canada - Togo Relations

Canada - Togo Relations

Canada and Togo established diplomatic relations in 1960. Canada is represented in Togo by the Canadian Embassy located in Accra, Ghana. Since 1978, Togo has been represented in Canada through its Embassy in Ottawa.

Canada and Togo enjoy productive bilateral relations. Interaction is concentrated primarily within multilateral institutions such as the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie and the United Nations. 

Since 2011, Togo has been a partner of Canada in the fight against migrant smuggling and Canada has provided equipment and training in support of Togo’s efforts to enhance monitoring and control of its maritime space.

Togo is a strong participant in efforts related to international peace and security, with more than 1,700 military and police personnel participating in United Nations peacekeeping operations globally. In particular, Togo has participated actively in UN missions in the Western Sahara, Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur (Sudan), Liberia, South Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire as well as Mali.

Canada–Togo commercial relations remain limited. Two-way merchandise trade reached over $20.4 million in 2014, consisting of more than $17.8 million in exports to Togo, mainly in the form of cereals, vehicles and parts, and machinery; and more than $2.6 million in imports from Togo, mainly cocoa, vegetables and preserved food. Canadian companies have shown a growing interest in Togo’s service sector, particularly in the areas of capacity building and training.

In 2013, Canada concluded negotiations with Togo for a code-share only Air Transport Agreement (ATA). ATAs promote air connectivity between all regions in Canada and the world.

Canada does not provide bilateral development support to the government of Togo.  Canadian development assistance can be delivered in Togo through multilateral partners, partnerships between non-governmental Canadian and Togolese organizations, and partnerships with regional institutions or non-governmental organizations benefitting several countries. Togo benefits from certain regional programs provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD), which totaled $3.49 million for 2013-2014 targeting: the financial sector, industrial development, governance, including civil society, and agriculture.

Togo also benefits from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, which has been used to support initiatives in the areas of human rights, Child, Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM) as well as sexual violence.

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