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Dalhousie Students and the Global Brigades Provide Medical Care to Local Community

Doctor Consultation

Global Brigades Coordinators in Aboano

Mr. Steve Blais, Patrick Forestell and Nana Asamoah during High Commission visit to the Day Clinic

Public Health Station

Triage and Intake

Thirty-Five volunteers from Dalhousie University and the Global Brigades team organised clinics in Ekumfi Srafa Aboano, a rural community in the Central region of Ghana. Medical Brigades volunteers shadowed licensed doctors in medical consultations and assisted in a pharmacy with a licensed pharmacist through a 10-day Medical Brigade in Ghana.

Chargé D’Affaires Steve Blais was on hand in Ekumfi Srafa Aboano to witness the important contribution of this enthusiastic group. He described how the local villagers lined up a little after sunrise, with the volunteers ready to address a number of basic health challenges. While patients waited nervously to see the medical teams, they often emerged relieved, and occasionally with a beaming smile.

A number of specialized stations were set up to provide health services, including dental care, obstetrics and gynecology. In addition to the consultations, the team ran a public health station where volunteers provided education on personal hygiene, food and nutrition. Local team members taught in the local dialect, and others managed to chip in a few expressions they learned during their stay in Ghana.

Patrick Forestell, Canada’s first and only Canadian Global Brigades staff member in Ghana, shared with the High Commission his experience of living in Ghana.

My job is to work as a facilitator, communicating with university groups, medical professionals, and interested people from around the world about Global Brigades. Part of what I love about living in Ghana is that I get to work with university students, medical and dental professionals, and volunteers from Canada, the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland, all the while working with the community members, building lasting relationships with them.

The High Commission congratulates Mr. Forestell, students from Dalhousie University and the Global Brigades Team for their selfless contributions towards sustainable development in Ghana!

Global Brigades is an organization whose mission is to empower volunteers to facilitate sustainable solutions in under resourced communities. They aim to foster local cultures during implementation of activities. Global Brigades is the largest student-led social responsibility movement on the planet. Between missions, the Global Brigades team maintains relationships with local communities. For Medical Brigades missions, the team provides patient follow-up, and conducts Community Health Worker training. The organization also maintains electronic patient records for future visits, and monitors overall health trends.

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