Prior to submitting your application, please review the following to make sure that all required items are included. This will assist us in the processing of your application without delay.

Completed application form:

Prior to your guarantor witnessing and dating your application, you have completed sections 1,3,4 and 5 and you have signed and dated all three pages.

Proof of citizenship (Canadian birth certificate or Canadian certificate or card):

The document is the original (photocopies are not accepted)
The document displays your date of birth
Answer all parts of Question 4 on the application

Two identical photographs:

One is signed by the guarantor
The face displays a neutral expression (not smiling, mouth closed)
No shadows appear behind the ears, neck or head
No glare appears on the forehead and/or cheeks
No flash appears in the glasses
The date and location the photograph was taken are indicated on the back

The original last Canadian passport, even if expired.

At least one supporting document:

The document bears the same surname, given names and signature as requested on the application
The document is valid (except for the last Canadian passport which can be expired for less than one year)
If photocopies of documents that support your identity are being submitted instead of the originals, the guarantor dates and signs the photocopies


You will find information related to the fees and how to pay on the Consular Fees and Method of payment page.