Special Attention for Child Applications

Both parents are required to participate in obtaining a passport for their child and to sign the application form.

Who may apply for a child's passport?

  • One of the child's parents
  • The custodial parent in cases of separation or divorce
  • The legal guardian

Birth Certificate

  • Child applications MUST now be accompanied by a birth certificate with the names of the parents.

In the case of custody, separation or divorce:

  • All legal documents that refer to custody, the mobility of, or access to the child must be provided
  • If a divorce has been granted, a copy of the divorce judgment or order must also be provided
  • Where a joint custody provision exists, either parent may apply, but both parents must sign the application

If the child is 11 years or older:

The child is required to sign in the signature box on the first page of the application form.


All documents submitted in a language other than English or French must be translated.

Acceptable translations : by a lawyer, by a certified translator or by the Translation Office of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.