The guarantor is a person who can confirm your identity or that of your child.

Acceptable Guarantor

Effective December 9th 2013, acceptable guarantors are:

  1. a person, regardless of citizenship, that practices one of the following professions in Greece:
    Lawyer or Notary Public, Judge, Police Officer, Bank signing officer, Medical doctor or Dentist, Dean or Head of University or college, Pharmacist, Veterinarian

  2. a Canadian citizen, 18 years of age  or older, regardless of profession.  He must be a holder of a five (5) or ten (10) year Canadian passport issued after the age of 16, which must still be valid or expired not more than one year from the date your submit your application. It is not necessary for the Canadian passport holder guarantor to reside in the same country as the applicant.

The guarantor must have known you personally for at least two (2) years and beaccessible to the Passport Program for verification purposes.

Guarantor's Tasks

Once your application is fully completed, dated and signed, the guarantor certifies the information on your application by completing and signing the "Declaration of Guarantor" section.

On the back of one of your photos, the guarantor writes "I certify this to be a true likeness of (your name)" and signs.

If photocopies of documents that support your identity are being submitted instead of the originals, the guarantor dates and signs the photocopies

If you do not have a guarantor

  • Request a Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor form:
  • Complete the declaration. A lawyer, commissioner for oaths or notary public is required to witness your signature and certify the back of one of your photos, at your expense. This official does not have to have known you for two years of more.

When completing the declaration, please ensure that:

  • The history of the last 5 years of addresses is complete up to today's date
  • The history of the last 5 years of employment/schooling is complete up to today's date, including dates of unemployment, travel, retirement, staying at home with children
  • For an adult application, the two references on this form are different from the ones stated on the passport application
  • For a child application, the Applicant's Personal Information on this form is the personal information of the parent applying on behalf of the child