Citizen Security, Organized Crime and Transitional Justice

There are high levels of crime and violence in Guatemala; Guatemala’s homicide rate is among the highest in the region, with over 5 000 murders in 2014. Crime related to the trans-national organized crime, including drugs, corruption, money laundering, gang activity, illegal arms, and fraudulent documentation, is increasingly affecting Guatemala. Working in conjunction with the Guatemalan government and other international donors, the Government of Canada is contributing to the effort to improve security and justice through targeted programming.

Throughout the 20th century, Guatemala was plagued by violence and instability. The early part of the century saw exploitive rule by a series of dictators. This was followed by a thirty-year internal conflict that witnessed military rule and brutal massacres of Indigenous populations. The Guatemalan internal armed conflict ended in 1996 with the signing of an UN-negotiated peace accord.  Canada is working with local groups and Canadian NGOs to help bring justice to those that suffered during this period of history.

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