Telus Brand in Guatemala

Guillermo Montano, President Telus International Central America, Jeffrey Puritt, President Telus International and Ambassador, Stuart Savage, at the announcing the merge of the two companies.

Jeffrey Puritt, President Telus International, Guillermo Montano, President Telus International Central America, and Ambassador Stuart Savage, at Ribbon cutting ceremony, new TELUS International offices in Guatemala City.

Ambassador Savage, Trade Team Guatemala, and community members participating in the 2013 TELUS - Day of Giving, at the school in zone 2.

Ambassador Savage with Mr. Puritt, and other members of the TELUS staff before the ceremony to announce the merge of the companies.

Canadian company TELUS  has been known as the largest Call Center in Central American, generating employment for 7,000 young employees (44% of the total Telus employees around the world).  As of this date the company was known as TRANSACTEL, Powered by TELUS.  Today, after six years of working in a partnership, Transactel announced the change of its brand to TELUS INTERNATIONAL CENTRAL AMERICA. 

The process started in 2008 when TELUS was looking for partners in Latin America as part of their global expansion strategy.  After evaluating more than 104 companies during four years, it was finally decided to select TRANSACTEL as a strategic partner in Latin America. 

Tranansactel has over 15 years  of experience providing this type of service and has  partnered with Telus for six years, and now TRANSACTEL and its branch in El Salvador merged with TELUS,  which also has operations in North America, Asia and Europe.  The President of Telus International Central America, Mr. Guillermo Montano, considers that TRANSACTEL´s success is the capacity of their employees and the approach they have towards their associates.  The company has tripled its investment in Guatemala and El Salvador since 2008, and has plans for a continued and successful growth in the near future.

The Canadian Ambassador in Guatemala, Stuart Savage, said "Canada is happy to have this responsible, dynamic partner in Guatemala.  On many occasions Embassy staff has participated in their activities, including their Day of Giving for four consecutive years, and has witnessed first- hand the company´s commitment towards the community".

Canadian companies respect the highest international standards.  TELUS is a good example as it has always been a visionary company in Canada developing a full scale CSR strategy dating back as far as 1990’s, and as such.  TELUS has a commitment to corporate social responsibility, and it is part of their own culture.  Telus has been recognized internationally for its commitment with its employees and the community  where it operates under the premise “Give in the place where you live and work”.  Among other things they support community, self-sustainable projects that contribute to sustainable responsible economic development.  During the past two years, they contributed to projects in Guatemala in the amount of US$200,000 in Guatemala.  Besides the financial support, the company is promoting the culture of voluntary work. More than 5000 heroes from TELUS international support the communities in Central America giving their time to youth focused projects.

On November 9, 2013, more than 2,000 team members in Guatemala donated their time, money and effort to build a school for young children in Guatemala's Zone 2. The school was built in just one day. The education center now has seven classrooms, four meeting rooms, a library, a computer lab, a kitchen and bathrooms.  Ambassador Savage and the Trade Team participated in this event (photos of the events), and today Ambassador Savage participated in the inauguration of the school with representatives of the companies and local government officials.

TELUS International Central America  inaugurated a new office in Guatemala  City, in a modern and accessible building, customized to fill the needs of the company and  its employees.  These new facilities have  a capacity for 1000 additional positions, and are located in Edificio Interamericas, World Financial Center.