Our Priorities: Prosperity, Security, and Democratic Governance

Better Living Conditions

Better living conditions  

Canada is working on several fronts to help reduce poverty in Haiti. Efforts are particularly aimed at improving access to health and education services, and at developing basic infrastructure, such as roads, and electricity. Canada is also contributing to job creation programs and is an advocate for international relief for Haiti's debt.

A More Secure Environment

A more secure environment  

Canada is helping to improve security throughout the country by deploying police officers, military personnel and corrections experts to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). In addition, Canada is playing a crucial role in reforming the police force and prison system, reducing violence in communities and enhancing border management.

Sounder Democratic Structures

Sounder democratic structures  

Canada is supporting the implementation of a responsible and effective political system. Among other things, Canada is helping strengthen Haiti's executive and legislative branches, public service and civil society so that each can play its rightful role in a modern nation. Canada is also working to strengthen electoral structures to ensure the success of future political transitions in the country.

Strengthened Rule of Law

Strengthened rule of law  

Canada is working with the Government of Haiti to strengthen and modernize Haiti's justice system so it can better protect the rights of all its citizens. Efforts are directed at improving access to justice and extending its reach to all areas of government activity.