Duvalier Must be Brought to Justice for Numerous Documented Abuse Allegations

Canada Reacts to Appeal Court’s Order

February 20, 2014 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Gilles Rivard, Canadian Chargé d’affaires in Haiti, welcomed a new step today in the judicial process relating to former President Jean-Claude Duvalier. After a delay of close to one year, Canada is pleased that the court of appeal has finally issued its order, but a great deal of work remains to be done before justice is served.

“This decision by the Court of appeal, which orders a supplemental instruction and reinstates the accusations of crime against humanity for Jean-Claude Duvalier, represents without a doubt a step forward, but it is only one step.  The judicial process must take its course in a transparent and credible fashion.” stated Mr. Rivard

The Chargé d’affaires also recalled that “Canada strongly believes that Jean-Claude Duvalier must be brought to justice for the many documented allegations of abuse that span the 15-year period during which he served as Haiti’s leader.”

Canada considers democratic governance and the rule of law as key elements to sustainable development and a safe environment taking root in Haiti.

The case of former President Duvalier is an opportunity to demonstrate that these key elements are present in Haiti and that the Haitian government is fulfilling its responsibilities by providing both an independent and effective justice system for its citizens and fair trial for those who have been accused of crime.