Canadian Embassy Participates in First Aid Training with High Command of National Police of Haiti

Members of the Embassy of Canada in Haiti joined Chief Godson Orelus of the Haitian National Police and members of its high command to attend a one-day first aid course. This special course took place on Saturday, February 15, 2014, at the Centre Police Secours (police relief centre) housed by the police academy.

The recipients of the certificates in first aid (Credit: Embassy of Canada)

Senior management of the HNP, MINUSTAH and the Embassy of Canada follow the advice of the instructors (Credit: Embassy of Canada)

The Centre Police Secours came into being following the completion of a first aid and emergency measures training project by the Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force (START), in cooperation with St. John Ambulance and the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). The project aimed to support the Haitian National Police in response to the devastating earthquake of January 2010.

“The first aid course offered by the Centre Police Secours team allowed us to see firsthand the quality of the training and the professionalism of the police trainers,” remarked Godson Orelus. “This initiative helps Haiti’s police force get closer to the community and demonstrate its expertise.”  

So far, several thousands of officers under the National Police of Haiti, as well as civil servants, scouts and young people of all stripes, have benefited from the training. Moreover, the Centre Police Secours is self-sufficient in managing its training, thanks to its instructors and master instructors involved in teaching future team members.

“The Centre Police Secours deserves to be supported in its efforts, and this first aid training for the National Police high command has made us aware of the unit’s importance,” noted Gilles Rivard, Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of Canada.

Canada has contributed to improving the security situation across the country by deploying police officers within MINUSTAH to support the development of the Haitian National Police. Canada is also playing a key role in reforming the police force and prison system, reducing community violence and strengthening border management.

See photos of the training session.