Rebuilding Haiti after the Earthquake: Frequently Asked Questions

Amid the overwhelming challenges facing Haiti, Canada remains committed to supporting its hemispheric partner, both in the ongoing provision of humanitarian and early recovery, and in longer-term reconstruction efforts. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions intended to provide additional information concerning Canada’s efforts in Haiti and in the reconstruction process.

Reconstruction Background

Following the January 12 earthquake, a Post-Disaster Needs Assessment was prepared by the Haitian government and the international community, which led to the Action Plan for National Recovery and Development of Haiti. The Action Plan, which serves as the basis for the country’s reconstruction, is comprehensive and realistic in its goals, acknowledging that : “Rebuilding Haiti does not mean returning to the situation that prevailed before the earthquake. It means addressing all these areas of vulnerability, so that the vagaries of nature or natural disasters never again inflict such suffering or cause so much damage and loss.”

This Action Plan enables the coordination of all reconstruction projects in two ways:

The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (co-chaired by Haiti’s Prime Minister, Jean‑Max Bellerive, and UN Special Envoy for Haiti Bill Clinton) is responsible for coordinating reconstruction efforts and approving project proposals submitted to the Commission based on their compliance and coordination with the Action Plan, developing and soliciting projects in keeping with the Plan’s priorities, and determining the eligibility of external proposals.

The Haiti Reconstruction Fund (HRF), administered by the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank Group in cooperation with the United Nations (UN), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank, was established to facilitate payment of donor contributions, consultations with the Haitian government and project coordination, and to provide sound management of funds for Haiti’s reconstruction.

Canada participates in both these mechanisms by sitting on the steering committee of the IHRC and as a voting member of the HRF. These mechanisms will help ensure the reconstruction process is managed in a transparent, accountable and coordinated manner.

The Haiti Reconstruction Platform Website offers additional information on the reconstruction progress.