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Canada-Macao Relations

In Macao, Canada is represented by the Consulate General in Hong Kong. For the rest of China, Canada is represented by the Embassy of Canada in Beijing.

Macao is represented in Canada by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ottawa.

Bilateral relations with Macao date back two centuries, with trade and immigration dominating the bilateral relationship. Over the last two centuries, migratory ties, bilateral cooperation and economic development have further cultivated this long-standing and supportive relationship.

Today, Macao continues to be a promising market for Canadian services and products, a place of cultural and academic exchange, and a source of mutual support in South China. The diverse connections between Macao and Canada have developed over the years into enduring and dynamic relations that will continue well into the future.

Macao became a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1999. Under the “one country, two systems” policy, Macao has autonomy over its main political, economic and legal structures. While it is responsible for the exercise of its executive, legislative, and judicial powers, the territory’s defence and foreign affairs are the responsibility of the PRC.

The Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong has been accredited to Macao for over a quarter century. Since 1980, the serving Head of the Consulate General in Hong Kong also serves as Consul-General to Macao. Diplomatic ties are enhanced by common membership in international organizations such as the World Trade Organization. Moreover, cultural and social associations in both Canada and Macao, such as Casa de Macao Vancouver, Casa de Macao Toronto, and the Macao Cultural Association of Western Canada, have strengthened ties and understanding.

Cultural and arts exchanges between Macao and Canada have manifested in several high-profile events. Canada enjoys a new prestigious venue in Macao with the opening of a permanent show by Montreal’s Cirque du Soleil.

Prominent figures in Macao's business, leadership and community circles have lived in or studied in Canada, including the former Chief Executive, Mr. Edmund Ho. The Macao Associated Canadian Alumni Union, operating since 1998, acts as a bridging organization by hosting business and social events that foster alumni relations and Canadian linkages. Canadians are increasingly visible and play an active role in Macanese society, notably through the 2002 establishment of the first and only international school in Macao, which follows the Alberta curriculum.

Trade in Macao benefits from that country’s recent and huge economic boom driven by the growth of the tourism industry. A Canadian Chamber of Commerce was set up in 2004 to promote and defend the trade interests of Macao’s burgeoning Canadian business community. As Macao develops into a full-fledged tourism and meeting, incentive, convention and exhibition (MICE) destination, large scale hotel chains, shopping malls, convention halls, exhibition facilities and entertainment venues are being built with a view to capitalize on the influx of tourists from China and East Asia.

March 2011

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