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For Canadian Employers

Hiring a temporary young worker from Hong Kong presents a win-win for both employer and employee

Do you need to:

  • Fill a labour shortage?
  • Enhance service to clients with staff who speak more than one language?
  • Add a skill-set?
  • Present a diverse multicultural perspective to existing operations?

International Experience Canada (IEC) can help!

When you hire a young IEC participant, you give that person an invaluable opportunity to live and work in Canada while complementing your own staffing requirements with temporary help when you need it most. Most of our participants have a college or university degree and are eager to learn how business is done in Canada.

Many Canadian employers consistently hire temporary workers under IEC again and again in industries such as:

  • Tourism
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Commerce

Get started today! Find out more about how your business can provide an opportunity  to a foreign youth or student employee by contacting one of our Recognized Organizations.

Did You Know?

You can hire young workers from from Hong Kong without a Labour market impact assessment (LMIA) normally required by Human Resources and Social Development Canada. Canada issues a one-year work permit to all qualified applicants.


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