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Proof of Canadian Citizenship

Important notice:

To enhance the security and integrity of Canadian travel documents, Passport Canada is limiting what constitutes acceptable proof of citizenship, please go here Birth Certificate Requirements for more details.

Provide one of the documents listed in section 4 of the application form (copies or notarized copies are not accepted). Your proof of Canadian citizenship document will be returned to you along with the new passport on the collection date. Additional information may be requested to confirm citizenship. If you are a woman who, before 1947, married a man who was not a British subject, contact the Passport Office.

Certificate of Birth in Canada

You may obtain a birth certificate from the Vital Statistics authorities of your province or territory of birth.

If you were born in Quebec: Only birth certificates issued on or after January 1, 1994, by Le Directeur de état civil in the province of Quebec are accepted. If you need to apply for a new birth certificate.

Certificate of Canadian Citizenship

Large commemorative certificates of citizenship issued after February 14, 1977, are not accepted. If you require a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, contact the Canadian mission nearest you.  For more information about applying in Hong Kong or Macao.


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