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Supplementary Identification

New additional requirements as of October 20th 2014

At least ONE document to support your identity and the name to appear in the passport must be submitted with your application form. Further documentation may be required. Supplementary documentation must be issued by a federal, provincial or municipal authority in Canada, or local equivalent, and include the bearer’s name and signature. Documentation issued by the governments of Hong Kong or Macao, bearing your name and signature as requested on the passport, is the local equivalent.

  • Provincial driver’s licence
  • Provincial health care card
  • Other provincial identification card
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Firearms Licence - Possession / Acquisition
  • Old Age Security Card
  • Other federal identification card
  • Federal, provincial, or municipal employee identification card
  • valid Canadian passport or Canadian passport expired for a period of less than one year
  • valid passport issued by Hong Kong or Macao government authority

You may submit original documents. They will be returned to you. If you are submitting photocopies, your guarantor must sign and date the photocopies to indicate the originals have been seen.

If you are submitting photocopies but are using form PPT 132, “Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor”, the same official who signs the “Declaration” must also sign and date the photocopies of your identification to indicate the originals have been seen.


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