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Ambassador Guimond

Pierre Guimond, Ambassador of Canada to Hungary and Slovenia (BA [Political Science], Université Laval, 1979) worked as a Research Officer for the Quebec government’s Department of Intergovernmental Affairs, and as an Information Officer for the Office of the Government of Quebec in Toronto, before joining External Affairs in 1987.

Since becoming a foreign service officer, he has served abroad in Prague, Bonn and Vienna. At headquarters, he served as Desk Officer in the Strategic Policy Analysis Division, and later in the USSR, Central and Eastern Europe Relations Division; Deputy Director, European Union Division; Senior Departmental Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs; and Director, European Union Division. Additionally, Mr. Guimond served as Adviser to the Foreign Policy and Defence Secretariat with the Privy Council Office. Most recently, he was Director of the Eastern Europe and Balkans Division. He is married to Louise Parent. Pierre Guimond succeeds Robert Hage.


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