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Canada-Slovenia Relations

Bilateral Relations

Canada has excellent relations with Slovenia. Canada recognized Slovenian independence in January 1992, and established diplomatic relations a year later. There are approximately 37,000 Canadians of Slovenian origin. Slovenia has an Embassy in Ottawa, an Honorary Consulate General in Toronto and honorary consulates in Vancouver, Calgary and Moncton. Canada's Ambassador to Slovenia is resident in Budapest. The Embassy is assisted by an honorary consul in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital.

Multilateral Cooperation

Canada and Slovenia often seek shared goals due to a common commitment to multilateralism and the rule of law. Slovenia joined NATO in 2004, and is also a member of the OSCE and OECD. Canada has contributed to Slovenia's International Trust Fund for demining projects.

Youth Mobility

A Youth Mobility Agreement between Canada and Slovenia was signed in October 2009, and was implemented on 1 July 2010. Under the agreement Slovenian and Canadian youths between 18 and 35 years old are able to learn about and explore each other’s country, languages, cultures and societies by living and working in their opposite country for a period of up to one year. Currently this program is open to 100 Slovenian and 100 Canadian youths annually.

Trade and Investment

Canada’s commercial interest has not been exploited to its potential in Slovenia. In 2015, bilateral merchandise trade between the two countries was $170 million Canadian dollars. Most Canadian exports are in high value-added products and services, particularly in the aerospace industry.

Last updated: August 2016

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