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Canada-Hungary Diplomatic Relations Celebrate 50 Years

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The hockey jersey bears the signatures of Canadian and Hungarian U18 national women hockey players and becomes a symbol of partnership between Canada and Hungary.

Canadian and Hungarian players sign a special hockey jersey designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Canada-Hungary diplomatic relations.

The talented Canadian pianist Lisa Yui enthralls her audience at the Embassy, highlighting Canadian excellence and the role of culture as a bridge between nations.

Celebrating Canadian-Hungarian business relations, Hungarian-born Linamar founder Frank Hasenfratz shares his views on success in the automotive industry with Gábor Lambert, editor-in-chief of the weekly Figyelő business magazine.

2014 marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Hungary. Canada celebrated this important anniversary by highlighting the strong relationship enjoyed by our two countries in a wide range of areas, including business, government, culture and sport. Check out our gallery to see photos of key events organized by the Embassy marking this special anniversary:

In March 2014, the Embassy hosted a reception to honour the Canadian and Hungarian Under-18 National Women’s Hockey Teams, which competed in the 2014 World Championships in Budapest. Canadian Ambassador Lisa Helfand highlighted the importance of teamwork as a vital ingredient for success in both sports and diplomacy. Members of the local Canadian community and Embassy supporters were proud to see Canada’s national team emerge victorious at the Budapest World Championships. Ambassador Helfand presented the gold medals to the Canadian team, providing another opportunity to celebrate Canadian excellence and the bond we share with Hungary.

In May 2014, the Embassy welcomed the remarkably talented Canadian pianist Lisa Yui to Budapest as part of key events, celebrating 50 years of achievement in diplomatic relations between Canada and Hungary. Lisa Yui’s piano recital, including compositions by Hungarian Franz Liszt and Canadian Francois Morel, was enjoyed by a packed audience at the Embassy, and provided an opportunity to celebrate Canadian excellence. The event was also a helpful opportunity for strengthening relations with government and business leaders.

In September 2014, the Embassy showcased a remarkable business success story, demonstrating the depth and breadth of economic relations between Canada and Hungary. Founder of Linamar, Canada’s second largest auto-parts manufacturer, Hungarian-born Frank Hasenfratz was the key speaker at the Embassy presentation of his own biography, “Driven to Succeed”, written by two distinguished Canadian authors. At his presentation, Mr Hasenfratz described how he arrived in Canada in 1956 as a penniless refugee, and succeeded in converting a small manufacturing enterprise in his basement into a global corporate enterprise, with sales of $3.6 billion in 2013. Linamar today has 15,000 employees in eight countries with 44 manufacturing facilities, and has major investments in Hungary since 1991. Shining the spotlight on this success story has raised awareness of the importance of Canada-Hungary business relations and the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) by highlighting the mutual beneficial trade and investment relationship between the two countries.

In October 2014, a high-profile visit culminated efforts to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Hungary. Canadian Speaker of the Senate Noël Kinsella led a parliamentary delegation to Hungary to meet with senior Hungarian officials in Parliament, government, as well as business leaders and members of civil society. Following the September 26, 2014 Canada-EU summit, the Speaker’s visit was an important and timely opportunity to boost support for CETA and further strengthen relations between the two countries. The Speaker’s message was enthusiastically received, including at a dinner organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary and at an Embassy reception for contacts from parliament, government and civil society.

Looking back on the year, it was filled with great memories of activities that helped in deepening relations between Canada and Hungary. Canada is proud to have Hungary as a friend and ally, and as a trade and investment partner in Europe. We look forward to building on the past 50 years of accomplishment and working together to deepen business ties and strengthen shared values of democracy and human rights.



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